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The Jacksonville Jaguars played the role of spoiler Sunday in a 45-42 upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers that sent the Jaguars to the AFC Championship for the first time in 18 years.Cheap Jerseys.But the Jaguars players are pissed off that anybody thought of them as underdogs in the first place.After all, this was the same Jaguars team that traveled to Pittsburgh in October and handed the Steelers a 30-9 loss.The Steelers felt plenty confident after winning 10 of their last 11 games in the regular season.Cheap NFL Jerseys.So much so that a few Pittsburgh players seemed to glance right past the Jaguars and instead looked forward to a rematch with the New England Patriots.In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Mitchell sounded like a player who dismissed any chance of the Jaguars pulling off the win and keeping Pittsburgh from a rematch against the New England Patriots.Beating the New England Patriots in January in Foxborough is similar in scope to invading the lands north of The Wall and vanquishing an unending army of the dead. Bill Belchick and Tom Brady? At home? In the playoffs? With a trip to the Super Bowl at stake? Say no more. This truly is Patriots-only territory.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Nobody actually thinks they can go into New England and emerge with a win, but one team per season is required to try anyway. Except this time, a youthful, feisty and potentially foolhardy group of Jaguars truly believes it’s going to do the impossible by bringing down the mighty Patriots.

In that sense, the Jaguars have a lot in common with Jon Snow and his very bad plan that centered on capturing a live White Walker beyond the wall and transporting him back to civilization.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.Jon actually believed he could pull off such an impossible feat. And so do the Jaguars. The thing is, Jon did accomplish his mission impossible, though it came at a high cost. I’m not here to tell you the Jaguars will pull a Jon Snow and beat the Patriots on Sunday, but I am here — along with Will Brinson — to tell you that the Jaguars are going to give the Patriots a ton of problems. They’re going to present a bigger challenge for the Patriots than the Steelers would’ve. For most teams, hanging around with the Patriots in Foxborough in January is too tall of an order.Authentic NFL Jerseys.But the Jaguars own the necessary players to follow a recipe that has worked against the Patriots in the past.The line for the game has been set at 9.5 points — in favor of the Patriots, of course. That’s way too high. I’m picking the Jaguars because this is setting up to be a one-score game, during which the Patriots will be tested and pushed to the brink. The Jaguars might not fulfill Ramsey’s prophecy — don’t worry, I won’t try to force a Ramsey-Ramsay connection because that seems vastly inappropriate — but they will cover the spread.The last time the Patriots lost in the playoffs: Jan. 24, 2016, to the Broncos in the AFC Championship Game. That game was played in Denver, which makes the circumstances different from Sunday’s game, but the Broncos used a formula that the Jaguars will also deploy. Jerseys For Sale.The Broncos technically had Hall of Famer Peyton Manning under center, but in actuality, they had the corpse of Peyton Manning at quarterback. Manning finished the 2015 regular season as the league’s lowest-rated quarterback (67.9) among 34 qualifiers. And the Broncos still won 20-18.

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