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Discount Jerseys China.Immediately following the Patriots’ overtime victory in Super Bowl LI, a portion of Falcons fans were wondering why James White’s winning touchdown carry was not reviewed. It was a sentiment echoed by Falcons receiver Julio Jones himself, who calmly asserted after the game that he would have liked to have seen the play get looked over by officials before the confetti dumped on Atlanta.”I didn’t know, I wanted to see it, though, if he got in or not, you know?” Jones said. “Obviously the ball broke the plane. But the confetti just came down right away. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Outlet.I didn’t know if his knee was down or not. But I mean that game shouldn’t have even been that close.HOUSTON — Sarah Thomas used to hate referees. They didn’t like her, either. As a highly competitive high school and college basketball player, the Mississippi native would get heated over calls that she disagreed with, though she knew how to butter up the officials when she needed to.So it’s a little funny that Thomas has gone on to become one of the most visible referees in America: When the NFL hired her in 2015, she became the first female official to call professional football games.NFL Jerseys China.

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