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Cheap NFL Jerseys.When teams have asked the 49ers what they plan to do about the quarterback position, Rapoport added on Friday’s edition of NFL Total Access, they have responded, “Don’t worry. We are going to acquire one.”From the Redskins’ point of view, per Rapoport, replacing Cousins with Romo would be a rare scenario that answers the ongoing quarterback question and allows them to move forward at the position without being hamstrung by a long-term deal.Any three-way trade hypothetical naturally presents countless hurdles. NFL Jerseys Cheap.For starters, the Cowboys would have to be comfortable with the idea of sending Romo to a division rival — an act of conciliation which should raise the reddest of flags in Redskins headquarters.The last time a division rival sent a potential franchise savior to Washington, the Redskins were left holding the bag on the decline phase of Donovan McNabb’s career.It doesn’t hurt the 49ers and Redskins to broach the subject with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Unless the deal is heavily slanted in the Cowboys’ favor, though, Romo won’t be wearing burgundy and gold in 2017.A trip to the NFL Scouting Combine wouldn’t be complete without a fresh batch of trade innuendo. At this stage of the game, there’s little reason to believe the fanciful blockbuster will result in the two marquee quarterbacks changing teams.Cheap Jerseys.

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